TWC – Real Estate Sign Placement

“For Sale” signs are permitted under strict conditions. Please review the Rules and Regulations and the sprinkler location chart before allowing a sign to be installed.



VIII. SALE OR RENTAL For signage rules and regulations, refer to Section III. Buildings and Grounds, Subsection E. Signs. A. Sale 1. Any Owner offering their unit for sale shall promptly notify the Community Manager of their intent to sell. 2. Immediately upon sale of the unit, the seller shall notify the Community Manager that the unit has been sold. As required by Oregon State law, a Resale Certificate with all Association documents will be completed for the review of the buyer, paid for by the seller. 3. Upon the sale of a unit, the seller must report the name of the buyer to the Community Manager.

Section III. BUILDING AND GROUNDS, E. Signs, 2. If a unit is offered for sale, once the Community Manager has been properly notified of the intent to sell, a single “For Sale” sign may be placed in the grass strip between the sidewalk and street on either NE Hancock or NE 21st within 25 feet of the corner. All real estate signs must be removed within 48 hours of the sale being recorded. To defray the cost of repairing the lawn after the sign is removed, a fee of $25 will be assessed by the Community Manager for placing the “For Sale” or other real estate signs on the property. Any damages and subsequent repair costs caused to Twenty-One Irvington Condominium’s underground plumbing for the sprinkler system will be the full responsibility of the Owner of the unit being sold. A map of the irrigation system is available online and from our Community Manager for review before installing signs. It is the Owner’s responsibility to give the realtor or person/company installing the sign this information.